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Our terroir covers a privileged location, on the high gravel terrace of the Médoc. Ideally located halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gironde estuary, this terrace of Pyrenees gravel, overlooking the Médoc, ensures a unique microclimate and optimal drainage conditions. These are decisive factors for grape ripening and quality.

As a mosaic of more or less sandy gravel soils on an Oligocene clay-limestone base, our terroirs are planted with typical Médoc grape varieties, depending on their type. Cabernet Sauvignon, as the key variety in dry and deep gravel soils, is the soul of our wines, with its aromas of black fruit, liveliness and structure. Merlot, planted in more nourishing soils, brings fruitiness, smoothness and flesh. Petit Verdot, at ease in warm soils, lends intense colour and spicy touches.