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To ensure regular yields of grapes gently ripening in the autumn sun, work in the vineyard is in pace with the natural metabolism of the vine plants and in keeping with Médoc winemaking tradition. The grape varieties grown at the estate are typical of the Médoc and wonderfully express our Listrac and Moulis terroirs: 52% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Merlot and 3% Petit Verdot.

With ploughing or natural grass cover, depending on the nutritive features of the soil, our vine plants benefit from our painstaking attention. The poorest soils are ploughed and scratched to avoid too much water stress in summer. The youngest vine plants, on the other hand, face the competition of grass on the surface, to keep their strength under control and to force the roots to push down deep into the soil. Some plots, which are not naturally drained, are artificially drained on the surface and in the subsoil.

According to the Cousinié method which advocates mineral balance to obtain grapes rich in flavour, our only contribution is natural manure and trace elements. Finally, to respect the life of our soils and the environment, in the event of significant pressure owing to vine disease, our treatment is based on the principles of sustainable agriculture, with selected products at small doses.