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In the 17th century, it was customary to half bury cellars so as to naturally benefit from constant temperatures. While implementing state-of-the-art winemaking techniques, we have kept this ancestral principle in order to offer our wines a temperate environment.

From the vineyard to the cellar:

Throughout the year, the attention of the winemaker is devoted to proper development of the vine plant to obtain optimal grape ripeness at harvest time. When the harvest comes, we combine our winemaking skill, in keeping with tradition, with a constant quest for optimal berry quality and health. First of all, assisted by a team of harvesters, we undertake an initial sorting operation before the harvest, eliminating undersize bunches and low-quality grapes.

Once the grapes are picked, the harvest is sorted by ch√Ęteau staff, then placed in small thermo-regulated concrete vats. This allows us to vat grapes from different plots separately, which ensures good control of fermentation and respects the personality of our different terroirs. At the beginning of vinification, we pump over several times a day to encourage the work of yeast and the extraction of fruit and colour.

After fermentation, the free-run wine is separated from the marc. The marc is pressed using a pneumatic press, giving various press wines which are aged separately in barrels.